1968: “Youth Revolt” or “World Revolution”?

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Abstract. The discussion is devoted to the phenomenon of 1968 and its perception “then and now”. In it our interlocutors share their reflections on the events of that symbolic year. We intentionally asked these very questions, each of which can become the basis for one or more monographs. Taking into account that some of the participants of the discussion were contemporaries of these events, we asked a question about their assessment of those events in the past. We will not give exhaustive answers to them, and we did not face such a task, but we would like to clarify once again the position of researchers regarding the nature of the events of 1968, their similarities and differences in comparison with the events of 1917–1918 and 1980–1990s, its significance for historical science and world culture. Yet what is 1968 — a youth revolt or a world revolution?

Keywords: phenomenon of 1968, Red May, Prague Spring, Tlatelolco Night, the murder of Martin Luther King, the “seven brave”, youth riot, Wallerstein’s “world revolution”.

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