Czechoslovak Events of 1968: Irrecoverable Military Losses in  the Southern Regions of the USSR

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Abstract. The article is devoted to the Czechoslovak events of 1968 and the participation of Soviet citizens in them. There are different points of view on the question of the number of the military deaths of the USSR in the course of the military-strategic operation “Danube”. In accordance with the study results, it turned out the number of military losses is estimated to range from 96 to 109 people, casualties — 87 people. The national composition of the military deaths is varied, but most of the dead were Russians and Ukrainians. For one deceased officer, there are four dead from the unofficial staff. The share of the military deaths of residents of the southern regions in the USSR was one fifth — 22 people (20,5% of total the military deaths), the most of them were Ukrainians. Keywords: Czechoslovak crisis, 1968, military-strategic operation “Danube”, military deaths, southern region, USSR.

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