Vladimir Nikolaevich Korolev on the Origin of Cossacks on the Don (to the 80th Anniversary of Birth)

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Abstract. This year marks the 80th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Russian historian Vladimir Nikolaevich Korolev, who worked for many years at the RSPI and at the RSU. The scientific heritage of V.N. Korolev includes research on various aspects of the history of the Cossacks. “The Bosphorus War” on the campaigns of the Don and Zaporozhye Cossacks to the Constantinople, and “Don Cossack Towns” on the historical geography of the Don Cossack settlements are his fundamental monographs. The origin of the Cossacks was an issue of considerable interest for V.N. Korolev. In his opinion, the Slavic-Russian population of the Lower Don played a significant role in this process. They appeared in this region in the time of the White Vezha and continued to exist until the time when information about Cossacks appeared in the sources. He saw part of such population in Turkish Azov. After the middle of the 16th century, according to V.N. Korolev, this population disappeared in 50–90 years. The reason for the disappearance was a sharp struggle between the Cossacks and Azov. Part of the population converted to Islam, and part became part of the Cossacks. V.N. Korolev failed to prove the survival of the Slavic-Russians in the early Middle Ages to the Don, but he posed important and interesting questions, the solution of which could reveal the process of the emergence of the Cossacks in the Don region. V.K. Tsechoev, student of V.N. Korolev, continues to study this issue.

Keywords: V.N. Korolev, the origin of the Don Cossacks, Slavic population on the Don in the early Middle Ages, brodnicks, Chervleny Jar.

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