Sacral and Ritual: Looking at the Scope of Archeology

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An actual problem in the study of ancient societies is the problem of using archaeological data in the study of spiritual culture. The purpose of the discussion on the topic “Sacral and ritual: a view through the prism of archeology” is to try to comprehend experiences of the reconstruction of the sacred on a specific archaeological material, as well as a solution of concomitant theoretical and practical problems. Colleagues were offered the following questions:
1. What are the possibilities of reconstructing ceremonial acts in archeology? Are there any restrictions? What kind of experience of successful reconstruction based on an archeological material appeals to you? 
2. Ethnographic materials on religious beliefs and practices: what is an opportunity to use them in archeology. 
3. Sacred topics: sacred space and outlay of ancient settlements, necropolis and worship places. 
4. What is an archeological criterion of accentuation hieratic priesthood or other members of communities with the sacred status (wizards, magicians, fortune-tellers, etc.)?
5. A criterion of shaman practice and circle of beliefs existence in archeological and ethnographic materials: How are shaman beliefs reflected in material culture?

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