The Roundtable «The Soviet: Life after Death» (Rostov-on-Don, 9 November 2017)

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Abstract. The presented review is devoted to the roundtable «The Soviet: Life after Death», which was organized by the Institute of History and International Relations of the Southern Federal University. The scientific community discussed a wide range of problems related to the preservation and transformation of the «Soviet» elements in the consciousness of modern «Russian» or «post-Soviet» people. Four analytical reports dealing with the main research directions of studying the Soviet legacy created the theoretical basis of the roundtable and following discussion. The author presented an overview of the reports and the most critical issues raised during the discussion. The review emphasizes scientific relevance of the proposed research subject; the need to develop scientific tools corresponding to the problem and high importance of such discussion platforms.

Keywords: Soviet, nostalgia, public consciousness, mentality, transformation, historical memory.

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