The Influence of the Modern Cossack Movement on the Formation of Historical Memory in the Region

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Abstract. Historical memory has a strong influence on the life of the population, on the attitudes towards the current events. The certain aspects of the historical memory of the Cossack population of the Don played an important role in the process of the Cossack revival from the very beginning. Until 1990, the state tried to remind the local population about the red Cossacks, who fought for Soviet power, but in 1990–1991 tried to unite Cossacks on the basis of the tragic events of 1919, when the vast majority of the Cossack population fought against Bolsheviks during civil war. Since 1996, the situation has changed. Cossack structures tried to focus on the heroic service of Russian Cossacks, referring to the images of M.I. Platov and Ermak Timofeyevich. A lot of attention was paid to the participation of Cossacks during the First World War. Modern Cossack structures and individual members of the Cossack movement continue to participate in the formation of historical memory in the Don region. There is no unity to this effect. Opinions are rather politicized, but there are common themes - love for the homeland, pride in its history, attraction to the military service.

Keywords: Cossack movement, historical memory, revival.

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