Phenomenon of a “Female Suicide Terrorism” in the Northern Caucasus: Genesis and Transformation

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Abstract. The subject of the study is the phenomenon of “female suicide terrorism”, which became widespread in Russia in the late 20th–early 21st century. The main idea of this article is that the appearance of suicide bombers was the result of the widespread distribution of the Middle East strategy of conducting armed conflict by foreign mercenaries in the territory of the North Caucasus on the one hand, and the result of the gender crisis of the North Caucasian society due to a prolonged paramilitary conflict on the other hand. Specificity of the North Caucasian suicide terrorism was its regional character and a major role of the social motive in the activities of suicide bombers. With the appearance of the globalized form of terrorist suiciders, female suicide terrorism in Russia has lost its spatial localization in the territory of the North Caucasus.

Keywords: the North Caucasus, terrorist organization, North Caucasian criminal underworld, female suicide bombers, suicide terrorism, global terrorism, the Caucasus Emirate, Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State.

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