Discussion of the Book “The Politics of Memory in Contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe. Actors, Institutes, Narratives”

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Abstract. The discussion presents a series of reviews on the collective monograph “The Politics of Memory in Contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe. Actors, institutes, narratives”, which was published by the European University Publishing House in St. Petersburg in 2020. The reviewers of the monograph are leading Russian and foreign specialists with extensive research experience in studying similar problems and issues. The authors of the reviews note the urgency of the problems of historical policy research in Russia and Eastern European countries and the variety of subjects analyzed in the discussed publication. The reviews also have critical content, including the conceptual framework of the research and criteria for selecting topics to be covered in the book. Some discussants point to the need for a clearer definition of the geographical scope of the research work and also criticize the lack of theoretical elaboration of key analytical categories. At the same time, the discussion participants agree on the prospects of the approaches proposed by the authors' team and on the formulated scientific assessments. There is also a common opinion that the research space is relevant and needs to be further developed in a comprehensive manner.

Keywords: historical memory, collective memory, historical politics.

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