Genocide, Holodomor and Other Horrors in the History of the “Cossack people”

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Abstract. The proposed article is a detailed review of the monograph N.N. Lysenko “Genocide of Cossacks in Soviet Russia and the USSR: 1918–1933. The experience of ethno-political research”, published in Rostov-on-Don in 2017. The author examines the topics and chapters of the studied by N.N. Lysenko problem. The article shows affected in the specified monograph of the topic, points to the artificiality and tension of some of the conclusions invalid problem message, and layered around him often artificial contradictions. It is pointed out that the author of the monograph, using interesting and, of course, original documents and materials, politicized the monograph, which affected its scientific nature.

Keywords: Cossacks, repressions, the great Russians, the Ukrainians, the genocide, “Holodomor”.

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