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Abstract. The article is devoted to the anniversary of the doctor of historical sciences, chief researcher of the Institute of Ethnology and anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Soviet and Russian archaeologists, ethnologist and anthropologist Viktor Aleksandrovich Schnirelman. The article deals with some stages of formation of the scientist, his scientific activity and interests, which are focused on certain problems of cultural and anthropological research, ethnicity and nationalism, social memory and myth-making in history. The author gives a brief analysis of the latest scientific works of the hero of the day, notes the careful work with sources, high professionalism and extraordinary scientific significance of V.A. Shnirelman's research. These issues cover important problems of modern science, such as Russian nationalism, ethnocentric versions of history, ideology of ethnic conflicts, the image of the enemy, racism and xenophobia in modern Russia. The author mentions some fundamental projects, which resulted in serious monographs of the anthropologist.

Keywords: Victor A. Schnirelman, anthropology, ethnicity, nationalism, social memory.

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