“Russians by Heart”: The Celebration of 300th Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty in Chechnya

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Abstract. National policy of the Russian Empire had differences outside the central regions. Caucasus Area was a base for the integrational experiments in order to make it a part of the Imperial Space. The paper is devoted to the 300th Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty in the District of Vedeno of Terek oblast, and is based on the newly found archive materials and periodicals. The article also analyzes the Grozny and Khasavyurt districts and compare the celebrations in the Terek oblast with the ones in the Dagestan oblast. The celebrations themselves were “All-Russian” in their nature, so we are interested in the Imperial influence to the districts that had no connection with the Russian culture. The newspapers published photographs and the celebrations themselves were connected with the local ethnic peculiarities of the Chechens. Local people were interested in the celebrations. According to the holidays organizers, one could see their attempts to demonstrate their loyalty and that they are “Russians” and not “foreigners” despite their own ethnic peculiarities and religious beliefs.

Keywords: the Romanov Dynasty, Caucasus, Chechnya, the District of Vedeno, Terek Oblast, Dagestan oblast, the 300 Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty, ethnicity.

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