"...Collect the Acts and Information from Archives..." (Caucasian Archaeographic Commission and Archival Affairs in the Caucasus in the Second Half of the 19th Century)

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Abstract. The article, based on archival materials extracted from the funds of the Central Historical Archive of Georgia, published documents and literature, highlights the formation of professional archiving in the Caucasus in the second half of the 19th century. The authors of the article focus on the history of creation and the first active years of the Caucasian Archaeographic Commission. This plot of historiography as well as the history of archival affairs in this region is still under-studied as a whole. Much attention is paid to the state of the archives of the Caucasus in the middle of the XIX century, the years preceding the creation of the archaeographic commission. Using unpublished materials, the authors reconstruct the daily work of commission’s members. The activity of the chairman Adolf Petrovich Berzhe is briefly considered. Some attention is paid to reviews of the commission’s publications, both critical and positive. The authors briefly describe the commission work in preparing the final (unreleased) volume of “Acts collected by the Caucasian Archaeographic Commission”.

Keywords: archival studies, source study, Caucasian Archeographic Commission, Adolf Petrovich Berzhe, Caucasian studies.

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