From the Monument to the Memory: Memorialization of the Cultural Heritage of the Old-Russian Cemetery in Simferopol

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Abstract. The article reveals the problem of using historical necropolises in order to develop the urban environment of provincial centers. Using the example of an Old-Russian cemetery in Simferopol, we propose an algorithm for memorializing the cultural heritage of the necropolis and improvement of the object located in the city center. The main stages of the implementation of the project in order to develop a complex program of restoration and preservation of old cemetery are presented, including the analysis of this memorial space to determine its historical and cultural values. In addition, preparation of historical and cultural basic plan of the area and creation of Internet resources about the monuments of the necropolis are presented. The article offers a catalog of historical information about the burials of the Old-Russian cemetery, as well as lists the actions provided for the development of the geo-base of the map with the placement of objects. The article shows the role of public initiatives in the complex of measures to preserve the cultural heritage of modern city, the practice of interaction of public organizations with state and municipal authorities in order to implement the specific measures. The authors focus on the social, cultural and historical significance of the necropolis in forming the collective memory of provincial cities.

Keywords: memorialization, necropolis, Old-Russian cemetery, collective memory, cultural heritage, historical and cultural monuments.

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