Historian During a Crucial Time in History (Pages of the Biography of Professor N.A. Zaharov)

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Abstract. The author makes an attempt to gather together disparate facts about the life and work of Nikolay Zaharov, Professor of the Kuban pedagogical Institute, who was at the origins of the Kuban archeology and was among the first researchers of the ancient settlements of the North-West Caucasus. Thanks to access to previously closed archives and analysis of a few publications, it was possible to recreate the biography of scientist. His life path repeated the tragic fate of many ascetics of Russian science, whose names were tried to erase in the era of Stalin’s hard times. The tragedy of the fate of such people lies in the fact that illegal charges led to oblivion. Along with biographical information, the article shows the results of scientific research of the scientist. Before the revolution, he published major works in the field of Russian state law and international relations in the Mediterranean region. After the revolution, he begans systematic scientific research of many now well-known Kuban settlements. The article also provides generalizations on the topic of oblivion and shows the process of returning the name of N.A. Zaharov to the scientific context in recent decades.

Keywords: Zakharov Nikolay Alekseevich, Kuban, archaeological research, ancient settlements, Meotian culture, Kuban Pedagogical Institute, repression, oblivion.

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