Review on: Mirzoev A.S. Evgeniya Dzhamurzovna Naloeva. The science of being Human. Memories, correspondence, documents. Nalchik: Pechatny Dvor LLC, 2018. 720 p.

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Abstract. The review analyzes the work compiled by Kabardino-Balkaria Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.S. Mirzoev. This publication includes memoirs, documents, and correspondence of E.D. Naloyeva, a talented specialist in socio-political history and ethnogenesis of Kabardian (Adyghe) feudalism. The book prepared by her student tells about the complex life and scientific twists and turns of the biography of E.D. Naloeva. Documents and personal memories of E.D. Naloeva’s are an important historical source for studying the history of the country, associated with such crucial milestones as revolution, collectivization, the creation in the Soviet period of a new civic community and identity, political repression of the 1930s, the formation of historical memory and historical science in the North Caucasus.

Keywords: Evgenia Naloeva, Aslanbek Mirzoev, political repression, historical memory, memories.

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