Revolution in Russia at the Beginning of the 20th Century as a Dying Place of Historical Memory

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Abstract. The centenary of the revolutionary events in Russia gives rise to the question of the place of these events in the historical memory of Soviet and modern Russian societ¬ies. Over the course of a century, their place in historical memory has changed in the most significant way. The Soviet government did everything possible to fix the revolution in the memory of the people as a great and epoch-making event that opened the way to a bright future for humanity. The exposure of the Stalinist cult at the twentieth Congress of the CPSU created prerequisites for undermining the historical memory of the current version of the revolution. A serious blow to the historical memory of the revolution was caused by the third program of the CPSU with its utopian position on the construction of the material and technical base of communism in the USSR. In such circumstances, the image of the revolution in the historical memory of the Soviet society began to give way to the image of the Victory, which was very solemnly celebrated in 1965. The democratic changes in the USSR and the collapse of the Communist regime provided a basis for rethinking the essence and nature of revolutionary events. They are gradually erased from the historical memory of modern Russian society.

Keywords: revolution in Russia, historical memory, formation of historical memory, oblivion.

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