Rostov Historical Faculty: Memories about 1980s

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Abstract. The published memoirs of Vyacheslav Sergeyevich Savchuk contain variety of materials about Rostov (Southern Federal) University and its historical faculty, where the author worked for 38 years. Arriving to an unfamiliar city, he had the opportunity to non-stereotypically perceive his new colleagues and those events and phenomena, which he witnesses, and in which he sometimes participated. In this part of the memoirs the author present his first impressions about the Rostov University including its Rector Yurij Zhdanov who was an outstanding person, the Dean of History faculty in the end of 1970s–beginning of 1980s Alexander Kozlov, other old professors such as Ivan Hlystov, Yusef Sery, Elena Demishina. The author also reminded other professors who belonged to the same generation of historians as he himself, among them Anatoly Lubsky, Emmanul Alaverdov, Anatoly Narezhny, Igor Uznarodov, Alexey Logunov. In some parts of the memoirs the author compares opinion about the Rostov University of those who considered it as Alma mater with those opinion who was educated in other institutions and arrived from other cities. As the author himself notes, his memoirs are, of course, subjective, but sincere and honest. V.S. Savchuk offers not idealized but real portraits of Rostov historians. He conveys to the next generations the image of the Rostov historical faculty, which is imprinted in his memory.

Keywords: Rostov University, RSU Historical Faculty, rector Y.A. Zhdanov, Professor A.I. Kozlov, Professor I.P. Khlystov, Professor Y.I. Seryj.

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