“The Existence of the Donsky Troops to be Read out from January 3, 1570 ...” or The Birth of the 300-year Anniversary of the Donsky Troops

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Abstract. The article discusses the initiative to establish the seniority of the Don army from January 3, 1570 and to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the “existence” of the army in May 1870 in Novocherkassk. The circumstances of the first mention of the existence of the letter of Ivan IV to the Don Cossacks of January 3, 1570 are clarified in the work. It was she who became the starting point of the service of the Don army to the Russian state. Based on the analyzed data, it is concluded that there is a direct mention of the January letter of Ivan IV in the texts of historical works, which were published before the end of the 1860s not. In this regard, it is suggested that the literacy information was updated by members of the Don Statistical Committee A.M. Saveliev, H.I. Popov and A.A. Karasev, familiar with the works of the famous Don historian V.D. Sukhorukov, who first recorded the existence of the aforementioned letter in his draft entries. The immediate inspector of the 300th anniversary of the Donskoy’s army is the military ataman M.I. Chertkov.

Keywords: Don army, seniority, royal certificate, 300th anniversary, ataman M.I. Chertkov, Novocherkassk, military holidays.

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