N.D. Pivovarov: The Man and the Epoch. A Historical Outline for the 90th Anniversary

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Abstract. The article presents an essay about the life of the Honorary Citizen of the Rostov Region Nikolai Dmitrievich Pivovarov, who celebrated his 90th birthday in April 2021. The political and public career of Nikolai Dmitrievich began in the Khrushchev period, reaching its peak in the late 1970s–1980s. The head of the Belaya Kalitva party organization, the second secretary of the Rostov regional Committee of the CPSU, the chairman of the regional executive Committee, the People’s Deputy of the USSR, the chairman of the Committee of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR – an incomplete list of the key career positions of N.D. Pivovarov. The paper highlights the main characteristics and milestones of the evolution of the regional political elite of the last Soviet decades. N.D. Pivovarov was a figure who ensured the continuity of the regional management course from the era of I.A. Bondarenko to the perestroika events on the Don. The name of Nikolai Dmitrievich is associated with the formation of the Rostov region as one of the most important socio-economic regions of Russia. The article presents the characteristics of the coal industry, where the contribution of N.D. Pivovarov is most noticeable. Currently N.D. Pivovarov actively participates in the work of the Public Chamber of the Rostov region, and is the author of a number of publications.

Keywords: CPSU, Rostov Regional Committee, Rostov-on-Don, regional Executive Committee, Pivovarov, Bondarenko, perestroika, economy, coal industry.

For Citation: Chuev S.V. N.D. Pivovarov: The Man and the Epoch. A Historical Outline for the 90th Anniversary, in Novoe Proshloe / The New Past. 2021 No 2. Pp. 256-265. DOI: 10.18522/2500-3224-2021-2-256-265.

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