Review on: Gerasimov G.I. Idealistic Approach to History. Fundamentals of Theory. Publishing Solutions, 2018. 184 p.

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Abstract. This review provides an overview of G. Gerasimov’s book “The Idealistic Approach to History. Fundamentals of Theory”, published in 2018. This work proposes to consider the idea as the driving force of the historical process. In the book under review, the author approaches history as a product of human consciousness. The text analyzes the phenomena of time and the past, ideas as sources of historical change and worldview as a system of ideas. An attempt is made to clarify the nature of historical reality, to resolve the issue of truth in history. Special attention is directed to the problem of the role of personality in history. The review notes that the historical idealism developed by the author contains contradictions caused by an attempt to reconcile objectivist and subjectivist theories. Attention is drawn to the fact that the work of a clearly antiscientist orientation depicts an incorrect image of a historian who is ready to subordinate professionalism to please some ideas. Unreasonable judgments about the state of modern historical science, which in fact have overcome the weaknesses of objectivist concepts, are noted. The review concludes that many provisions of the approach claiming to be new have already been mastered by historiographic practice.

Keywords: idealistic approach, subjective idealism, historical theory, consciousness, social reality, personality in history, constructivism.

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