A Story of the Whole Life: To the Memory of Vladimir Ivanovich Buzov (June 8, 1940 – April 23, 2017)

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Abstract. This article is devoted to the biography of the candidate of historical sciences, professor Vladimir Ivanovich Buzov – a well-known specialist in the Contemporary History of the Eastern countries. For more than 40 years he worked in the system of high education. Vladimir Ivanovich was the author of more than 100 articles, monographs and text-books. After graduation from the Faculty of History of the Rostov State University Vladimir Ivanovich defended  his Ph.D. thesis on “Federal Republic of Germany in the struggle for the markets of the Africa associated countries”. For almost twenty years he taught at the Higher School of the Party, where he was a leading specialist in the field of modern history, first of Europe, and then of the Middle East. In 1991 Vladimir Ivanovich went to the Historical Faculty of the Rostov State Pedagogical University and since 1997 he headed the faculty. He was a very wise man and an excellent manager. For seven years three branches of the faculty and several new bachelor training programmes were opened. He was very careful about his colleagues, especially those, who took the first steps comprehending the basics of the profession. Vladimir Ivanovich was an excellent lecturer, versatile and addicted to everything new. He spoke German excellently, had an amazing ability to comprehend something new, constantly studied. He was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. The material for this article was formed by the reminiscences of this natives, colleagues and friends.

Keywords: V.I. Buzov, contemporary history of the East, pedagogical education, monograph, lectures, “East club”, electronic lectures.

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