From Medieval Studies to Historiography and Intellectual History: On Jubilee of Lorina Repina

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Abstract. The article is devoted to the Doctor of Science, member of Russian Academy of Science Lorina Petrovna Repina. It deals with evolution of the research interests and academic career of Lorina Repina. The authors demonstrate the process in which the sphere of academic interests of Lorina Repina extended to research issues beyond Medieval history that was an initial research topic of L. Repina. The central point of this research strand was theoretical issues of Humanities. It is highlighted that she played central role in the institualization of intellectual history among the Russian academia. This activity was important both for institutions of the Russian Academy of Science and universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and for Russian provincial universities. Her publishing activity is important as well, and includes publications of a number of collective volumes, collections of essays, ‘Dialog with the Time. Almanac of Intellectual History’, as well as publications of translated monographs to disseminate main achievements of the world Humanities among the Russian academia.

Keywords: Lorina Petrovna Repina, intellectual history, Russian Academy of Science, Institute of World History, medieval studies, Russian Society of Intellectual History.

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