International Scientific Conference BASEES 2017

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Abstract. This review addresses the International scientific conference “1917. The century. The Russian revolution in historical perspective”, organized by the British Association of Slavonic and East European Studies. The annual Convention was held by the BASEES in Cambridge (UK) in March-April 2017. Among participants were prominent political figures, scientists, Russian and foreign specialists-historians and young researchers interested in the issues of history, culture, politics, and intellectual heritage of the Slavic peoples and countries of the former Soviet Union. The conference was held in 8 sections, represented approximately 400 reports, most of which were analytical and devoted to the discussion of the Soviet heritage problems. The author presented an overview of the main topics of the BASEES 2017. The review emphasizes the importance of such international conferences, organization of discussion platforms, with the main topics of studying heritage of the peoples and countries of the former Soviet Union space.

Keywords: revolution, the conference, international Association, the academic environment, the research programme, сongress.

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