The diaries of N.A. Akimkina (1925–2014)

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Abstract. For the first time the diaries of the doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Rostov State University, Nina Alekseevna Akimkina, are published. Diaries were found in the personal archives of N.A. Akimkina after her death in 2014. We found five notebooks with records. The text in the fifth notebook is interrupted on an unfinished sentence. It is possible that the author of the diary entries himself tore out the pages. The diaries give an information about the ordinary Soviet student, a graduate student and a university lecturer life. Chronologically the diaries cover the period from 1945 to 1954, geographically the same records refer to the Omsk, Moscow and Rostov periods of N.A. Akimkina’s life. In notebook No. 5, the life of a post-graduate student at the Faculty of History of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute is presented: a trip to the kolkhoz and the yasnaya Polyana, the death of Stalin and an attempt to get to the Pillar Hall, the defense of the thesis and the fear of distribution to the Russian Far East, the appointment to Rostov-on-Don and new friends. We can get to know from N.A. Akimkina’s diaries her first impressions of the city of Rostov-on-Don and new work, an assessment of the students level and the professional qualities of colleagues.

Keywords: Nina Alekseevna Akimkina, professor, historian, Rostov State University, postgraduate study, Moscow State Pedagogical University, dissertation.

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