Annual Program 2017

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“Novoe Proshloe/The New Past”
Annual Program 2017

“Lost Illusions” (1/2017)
The issue is devoted to the problems of unmet social expectations, shattered hopes of reformers and society as a whole, as well as the discrepancy between the social aspirations of reforms’ participants and contemporaries. It also provides a variety of social utopias.

 “The Red Wheel” (2/2017)
The issue is dealing with Revolution and revolutionary periods from Modern Age to Present in different historical and cultural contexts. Revolution is interpreted as a “assemblage point” of new political practices and social relations and as drastic break with the past. The topics of the articles vary from the problems of revolutionary violence, to person’s sphere of Revolutions, as well as their forms and technologies.

 “The History of a Town” (3/2017)
The issue considers the social-culture phenomenon of City. The articles are supposed to analyze urban forms in terms of different scienti c approaches, such as: capital cities and country towns, ways of town centers forming, urban border markers, and particular nature of urban daily life.

 “Holy Fire” (4/2017)
The issue invites articles concerning the sphere of sacral and secular in different societies and cultures. Primary focus is on mechanisms and institutes of sacral organization and regeneration, religious practices from Antiquity to Post-Modernism, technologies and effects of sacralization.

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