Auxiliary Historical Disciplines in Modern Scientific Knowledge. On the 95th Anniversary of the Birth of Helena Kamentseva: XVIII International Scientific Conference (Moscow, Russian State Humanitarian University, 14–16 April 2016)

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The report contains information about the XVIII international scientific conference “The auxiliary historical disciplines in modern scientific knowledge. On the 95th birthday of Elena Ivanovna Kamentseva”, held in 14–16 April 2016 in RSHU. The annual organization of the conferences around the auxiliary historical disciplines in the RSHU has become a tradition of the professional historical community. The conference raised the topical questions around the auxiliary historical disciplines and indicated the scientific importance of works of E.I. Kamentseva and other historians of the Historical- Archival Institute and the RSHU, working on auxiliary historical disciplines. There have been raised the questions of the sources and historical memory studies, sources and information culture within the historical studies. The conference testified the considerable interest to the auxiliary historical disciplines and recognition that many questions related to the understanding of the content and inner sense of a source present the context of this discipline. The shortening in the educational plans of the historical education causes the auxiliary historical disciplines and especially expulsion of paleography as the very important discipline. It decreases the quality level of a historian as a researcher.

Keywords: international scientific conference, auxiliary historical disciplines, RSHU, source study, historical memory studies, E.I. Kamentseva.

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