Ivan Pavlovich Kozlovski and His «Chronicle». Continuation

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In this issue the sequel of the manuscript from the private archive of the historian I.P. Kozlowski is being published. “The Chronicles” encompasses biography of the scientist at the crucial point of history, from 1908 until his arrest in 1931 and recreates the life story of I.P. Kozlowski, generally known from other sources. “The Chronicles” gives a broad picture of scientist’s versatile activity that took place in Nezhin, Warsaw, Rostovon- Don, and Novocherkassk. In particular, it gives light to circumstances of I.P. Kozlovski relocation from Kiev to Nezhin, his trip from Nezhin to Warsaw, evacuation of the Warsaw university to Rostov-on-Don, his appointment to the position of director in the Institute of History and Philology in Nezhin and his return to Rostov-on-Don. “The Chronicles” gives a story about teaching, as well as scientific and administrative activity of the scientist, about his active participation in development of archival business the Don region and maintenance of documents from personal archives and archives of educational institutions and about the development of the Don local history. Since 1925 I.P. Kozlovsky headed the North Caucasus local society of archaeology, history and ethnography. In February, 1931 together with other members of the society board he was arrested on charge of participating in a counterrevolutionary group. “The Chronicles” tells in detail about the circumstances of arrest, investigation, indictments and exile to Kozlov.

Keywords: Ivan Pavlovich Kozlovski, professor, historian, chronicles, Warsaw Imperial University, department of Russian History, Kiev, Nezhin, Rostov-on-Don, Uralsk.

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