Professor Fridrich Cristoph Dahlmann and Russia

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The paper considers views of a famous liberal politician and historian in Northern Germany Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann on the Russian policy and history, as well as Dahlmann’s role in works of Russian historians. The national political priority in political activities of Dahlman was the resolution of the Schleswig-Holstein Question in the course of the revolution 1848–1849 in Germany. As a historian Dahlmann has read lectures on Russian history at the University of Bonn. Dahlmann considered the history of Russia from a liberal perspective. Up to nowadays these materials are not published. Russian historians demonstrated interest to Dahlmann in their general as well as specific studies. Pre-revolutionary historians have focused on Dahlmann’s participation in the protests of seven professors from Goettingen against the abolition of the Constitution of Hannover. In the Soviet era historians noticed Dahlmann in the context of the revolution of 1848–1849, but they did not assess his role positively. In the early 21th century Russian researchers pointed out the non-single-valued nature of Dahlmann as a historian, since he wrote works based of critical method of Ranke and Niebuhr but also based on the political demands of German society. In the modern Russian historiography Dahlmann is recognized as a political historian and national liberal politician of the mid – 19th century.

Keywords: Germany, Russia, F.C. Dahlmann, the Schleswig-Holstein Question, the revolution of 1848–1849 in Germany, liberalism, the historiography.

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