Projects on University History and Higher School History at St. Petersburg University

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The article is about history of the St. Petersburg historical school and tradition of studying history at St. Petersburg University. The author notes that from the beginning of the 2010’s a shift from individual research projects to the collective ones began. The organization of the Center of History at History Department of St. Petersburg University in 2011 has also contributed to intensification of the collective projects. The author has concentrated on the description of two basic projects of the Center which were realized from 2011 to 2014 with the support of SPbU: “Saint-Petersburg University in the context of the history of the Russian state and society” (supervisor – Professor A.Yu. Dvornichenko) and “Russian higher school and the University of St. Petersburg in the 19th and 20th centuries: science and politics, the intellectual elite and power” (supervisor – Professor R.Sh. Ganelin). During the implementation of the project, dozens of articles were published and a group of researchers able to work in a team was formed. Most importantly, a large-scale research program was planned. It covered three main areas: heuristic and publishing, the social history of higher education and of historical biographies. The author shows that in recent years in St. Petersburg University a solid institutional foundation for further development of research in the field of history at St. Petersburg University and the higher school has established.

Keywords: St. Petersburg historical school, history of higher education, the history of St. Petersburg University, science and state power.

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