Reflecting on Military History. Review on: “Russia in the World Wars”. Collection of Scientific Articles / Edited by A.I. Narezhny. – Rostov-on-Don: SFedU Publ., 2015. – 202 p.

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In 2015 the Institute of History and International Relations of Southern Federal University arranged a conference where the participants discussed the problems associated with the beginning of the First World War and the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. During the conference the presentations and reports of SFedU scientists as well as scientists of other Universities of Northern Caucasus were performed. Author in the review on the book “Russia in the world wars” emphasizes that the main idea of this publication is a statement about the need to consider the two world military and political conflicts of the twentieth century as a single process. According to him, the publication of this book is associated with the desire to return the idea of First World War to cultural memory of the Russian society which had been neglected in the Russian historical science. The Second World War with its main component – Great Patriotic War – has been studied much more thoroughly. The reviewer agrees with the authors that there is the need to continue not only studying this event but to put emphasis in the discussed issues and to attract attention to the most controversial moments of the war dictated by the revision of war results. Author emphasizes some innovative stories and evaluations in the materials of the book. They contain information that reflects philosophical and religious, moral and psychological, military and strategic, social, political and economic aspects of world wars. The scientific articles contain the historiographical themes as well as materials that reflect both nationwide and regional aspects. Overall, the reviewer highly appreciates the prepared collection of articles that opens the possibility to continue discussions on the most controversial issues of the global military and political conflicts of the twentieth century.

Keywords: World War I, World War II, the collection of scientific articles, political and military conflicts, actual problems.

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