Review on: Gaidenko P.I. Sacred Hierarchy of Ancient Rus’ (XI–XIII Centuries): Sketches of Power and Everyday Life. – M.: Universitetskaya Kniga, 2014. – 212 p., ill.

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The monograph of the famous modern historian of the Rus’ church P.I. Gaidenko is devoted to the analysis of the Russian clergy daily life. This topic is less studied than the daily life of the clergy in the Western European countries. The clergy, who determined orders and traditions of the church, turns out in the focus of the author. The considerable attention is paid to the famous writer Kirill Turovsky. The information about the church cathedral in 1273 in Vladimir is analyzed in detail. The information about this cathedral wasn’t located in the chronicle, its canonicity was doubtful. The convocation of this cathedral in Vladimir has reflected the weakening position of the Kiev grand-ducal power and growth of political value of North-East Rus’ in Vladimir. It is underlined that bishop Kirill at this cathedral aimed to rely on the support of the North-East Rus’ clergy, which position became stronger. It investigated the question about the material life of the clergy, criteria of choice for the churche posts. The author underlined, that the position of the clergy depended on origin and close position to the princely power. It examined the idea of the Russian clergy about sin also on the basis of the epitimeiniks analysis.

Keywords: the Christian church in Rus’, hierarchy, clergy, dailylife.

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