The War and The Peace: The Eternal Values of Humanity

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The article is an editorial introduction of the third journal issue dedicated to the eternal problems of war and peace. This topic cannot be imagined without consideration of Leo Tolstoy’s “The War and the Peace”, the book that is in its title (in subsequent interpretations) linked the war, the peace and the society. The main idea of the introduction is to consider war and peace as values which are deliberately chosen by humanity time after time. The increased interest of researchers to this issue, on the one hand, is explained by situating humanity in a constant “war anticipation”, and, on the other hand, by recognition that the peace can be understood by researching the war, and to understand the war means researching the peace. However, such studies can be hardly determined by objective and subjective circumstances, which a modern researcher certainly faces. Thus concepts are substituted and endowed with certain “humanitarian” component, namely the discourse of war displaces the discourse of peace, identifying actors of war are difficult etc. The Journal Editorial Council believes that clear answers to these questions won’t be given, and readers and academics are invited to join the search and formulation of these new research problems.

Keywords: war, peace, Leo Tolstoy, “anticipation of war”, modern warfare actors, substitution of concepts, the discourse of war.

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