Work as a usual word. In memory of V.A. Korenyako (03.03.1952 – 08.01.2016)

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The obituary is dedicated to a prominent Soviet and Russian archeologist and art – critic Vladimir Aleksandrovich Korenyako (1952–2016). He was a well-known expert in the field of Early Iron Age’s archeology in the South Russia. In the State Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow) V.A. Korenyako worked up to a leading researcher status, being an author of numerous studies about arts of the peoples of Central Asia and the North Caucasus. He was one of the first to put on the discussion among the professional community the issue of ethics in modern archaeological research and in the nationalist “quasi-historiography”. He was a graduate of the Rostov State University. He started his way in social studies on Don and his whole life was closely connected with the university, where he studied, with his colleagues and friends from archaeological excavations.

Keywords: Vladimir Aleksandrovich Korenyako, Rostov State University, State Museum of Oriental Art, archeology, history of art, Early Iron Age, archaeological excavations.

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