Cossacks in History and Historiography: New Topics, Approaches, and Methods to the Study of Cossacks at the Round Table in SFedU

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Abstract. On October 30, 2020, at the Institute of History and International Relations of Southern Federal University in Rostov-on-Don, a scientific round table took place with the title “Cossacks in Russian history of the 18th–early 20th centuries: new plots, approaches and methods of study”. The round table was dedicated to the 450th anniversary of the Don Cossacks' service to the Russian state. At the round table, some leading Russian scholars of Cossack studies gave presentations. Also taking part in the discussion were recognized experts from various regions of the Russian Federation, China, the USA, Israel, and other countries. The round table attracted the attention not only of specialists but also the Cossack community and garnered interest on social networks. All this testifies to the scientific and socio-political relevance of the latest studies of the Cossacks and the historical phenomenon of the Cossacks, both in Russian and in world science. The event organizers provided the participants with an information platform and an up-to-date agenda for discussing the most interesting interdisciplinary problems related to Cossack studies. The keynote speaker was A.Yu. Peretyatko, who presented the provocatively-titled “The Price of Blood: Documents of 1860–1890. on the effectiveness of the Cossacks as an economic institution”. After the presentations, a broad discussion of the latest scientific discourse concerning the Cossacks followed. Scientists noted the importance of further developing interdisciplinary and international communications in the research on the Cossacks and based on the successful experience of the round table, suggested the organization of a permanent (regular) international scientific seminar using the Internet for remote participation. They also recommended publishing the materials of the round table.

Keywords: Cossacks, Cossack studies, the latest historiography of the Cossacks, Cossack discourse, the phenomenon of the Cossacks, international scientific seminar, international collaboration, interdisciplinary collaboration.

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