“Ostranenie” as Device. Review on: Tomaiuolo S. Deviance in Neo-Victorian Culture. Canon, Transgression, Innovation. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. 253 p.

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Abstract. Review of S. Tomaiuolo’s book “Deviance in neo-Victorian culture” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018) presents several research cases united by a concept of cultural filters, through the prism of which contemporary artists adapt, commodify and analytically rethink the past.
The modern reinterpretations of Victorian culture considered in Tomaiuolo’s monograph cover both traditional fiction and graphic novels, film adaptations addressing sensational subjects of the history of culture and everyday life of the Victorian era, television series, theme parks’ expositions, and individual photographic works. The main focus of Tomaiuolo’s research is the analysis of various aspects (sanitary, physiological, sensory, sexual, etc.), associated with deviation, transgression and violation of norms, and thus undermining the system of ideological and cultural orders (M. Foucault).
Against the background of enduring interest to Neo-Victorian popular culture, Tomaiuolo’s book is of interest primarily as an example of a thorough analytical reflection on the system of norms and their problematization in contemporary culture, which uses spectacular heritage material of the Victorian sensational literature for self-expression and topical controversy with the normativity as such.

Keywords: Neo-Victorian studies, contemporary popular culture, deviance, cultural self-consciousness, Tomaiuolo.

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