Review on: The Past for the Present: Memory and Narratives of National Identity. Ed. by Lorina Repina. M.: Akvilon, 2020. 464 p.

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Abstract. The monograph “The Past for the Present: Memory and Narratives of National Identity” under the general editorship of Lorina Repina is a continuation of work in the areas presented at the Intellectual history studies department of the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, led by network laboratory “Studies of Historical Memory and Intellectual Culture”. It is devoted to the study of the field associated with the concepts of history, memory and identity. These terms and their relationship are at the heart of the vast interdisciplinary field of memory studies. The collective work presents the results of the research on the processes and mechanisms of constructing national and national-state identity demonstrated on historical examples, as well as the role that national historiographic traditions play in creating and maintaining this image of past. The authors explore this topic using the history and historiography of Russia, some countries of Europe and Latin America. In this material, the authors reveal various models of the historical design of the future through the formation of identity – both national-state and other competing forms of identity – in different countries at different historical stages. In addition to studying these problems on the basis of the history and historiography of Imperial, Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, the research subject also includes the competing national-state narratives of the British Empire, the “German myth” and “imperial myth” as tools for constructing German identity, “Sarmatian myth” and the discourse of Sarmatism, as well as the ideology of Indianism and the “Indianist project”.

Keywords: memory studies, identity, memory, national identity.

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