“Words, Words, Words”

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Abstract. The article proposes an original classification of the special terminology used in historiographic narrative. There are distinguished universal nomenclature terms (borrowed from related disciplines), qualifier terms (formed in the historiographic tradition), specific nomenclature terms (borrowed from historical sources) and derived nomenclature terms (formed from specific nomenclature terms). Universal nomenclature terms need a special definition, since in different disciplines they have different content. The qualifier terms are conditional: none of them claim to be unconditionally accurate. Specific nomenclature terms are lexical borrowings endowed in the historiographic tradition with meanings that do not always correspond to the meanings in which they were used in sources. In derived nomenclature terms, the meanings attributed by historians to specific nomenclature terms are fixed and developed. Analysis shows that any of the terms, whatever its origin, can cause the reader to misinterpret and / or to misunderstand what the author of the historical work wanted to say. Therefore, the historian is always obliged to clarify what meaning he attaches to each of them in this particular case.

Keywords: terminology, classification, historiography, historical source.

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