“Issues of Archeology in Eastern Europe” Xth Russian Archeological Conference for Students and Post-Graduate Students in the Memory of V.E. Maksimenko (Rostov-on-Don, October 29–31, 2015)

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Abstract. Overview deals with results of Xth Russian archeological conference for students and post-graduate students “Issues of archeology in Eastern Europe”. The conference took place in Rostov-on-Don on 29–31 October 2015 on the basis of Chair of Archeology and Ancient History, Institute of History and International Relations, Southern Federal University. About 60 presentations were introduced by the researchers from 11 cities of Russia and foreign countries in four thematic sections and two roundtables. The majority of the presentations were of analytical character, being focused on controversial issues of contemporary archeology. Others presentations were aimed at introducing the data on new archaeological remains found. The presentations deal with a wide range subjects and periods of history from ancient to medieval.

Keywords: conference, “roundtable discussion”, archeology, ethnography, Rostov-on-Don, the paleometal age, the ancient world, the early Iron age, medieval archeology.

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