Memories on Alexander Bekovich-Cherkasskiy Expedition in Relations Between Russian-Khivan Relations of 18th–19th Centuries

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Abstract. The article is devoted to the problem of using memories on the tragedy of Alexander Becovich-Cherkasskiy expedition (1717) in relations between the Russian Empire and Khivan Khanate in the 18th–19th century. The author analyses the ways of using the motive of expedition death to make decisions on different issues of the Russian-Khivan relations and Russian policy in Central Asia. Russian politicians and diplomats, military leaders and merchants remembered the expedition death and referred to A. Bekovich experience. For a long time reminiscence of the expedition was saved in Khiva, and its rulers were trying to make amends to for the Russian authorities (fearing the revenge) or, on the contrary, used it as instrument of pressure on Russian diplomats. To a certain extent the motive of A. Bekovich death was also used by other Central Asian states which tried to influence the Russian-Khivan relations. The author concludes that a memory on A. Bekovich expedition in the second half of the 19th century was an effective instrument to form specific directions of the Russian policy in Central Asia.

Keywords: Alexander Bekovich-Cherkaskiy, Russian Empire, Khivan Khanate, Russian Central Asia, Russian-Khivan Relations, Russian diplomacy, memoirs of Russian travellers.

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