Review on: The Source Study: Manual / I.N. Danilewsky, D.A. Dobrowolsky, R.B. Kasakov and others; executive editor M.f. Rumjantseva. M.: High School of Economics, 2015. – 685. [3] р.

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Abstract. Manual “The Source Study” is published by historians of the High School of Economics. It has been adjusted compared with the previous edition RSUS 1998. Its structure has been upgraded. It highlights issues of source study theory, describes the body of sources on Russian history, gives for the first time an analysis of the historiographical sources and features of source research. Particular attention is paid to the history of source study and the establishment of a scientific concept of the source study. The authors emphasize the benefits that a source study is playing an integral role in the system of humanitarian scientific knowledge. a number of controversial issues of modern source study is raised in the manual.

Keywords: source study, source, humanities scientific knowledge, source-study.

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