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Abstract. In the scientific bibliography of the famous archaeologist, Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences V.E. Maksimenko (1939–2014) his publishing activities played an important role. His name is connected to one of the first Don scientific editions on the problems of archeology and history of the region. These editions are published by GBUK RO “Azov archaeological and paleontological museum-reserve”. They are “Historical and archaeological discoveries in Azov and Lower Don” and “Don Studies”. In dramatic university life of 1990s he managed to found “Historical Studies” – a scientific edition of the Faculty of History RSU. Later, there were created and published “Don archeology” and “Rubicon. Collection of scientific works of young scientists”, which became an important event in the scientific life of the South of Russia.
For V.E. Maksimenko realization of publishing projects in the walls of the university was a form of university pedagogy, which helped to achieve success for many modern scientists.

Keywords: University, editing, publication, collection of scientific works, museum, historical faculty, publishing project.

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