Boris Georgiyevich Mogilnitsky: an Incessant Way of a Historian through the Peripety of the “Historiographic Continuum” (to the 90th Anniversary of the Birthday)

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Abstract. The article is devoted to the intellectual biography of Boris Georgievich Mogilnitsky – an outstanding Soviet and Russian historian who formed by his activities the discursive and human space of the Tomsk historiographic school. His researches were focused on the development trends of pre-revolutionary Russian and foreign Western historiography as well as methodology of history. Creating a generalized study of a historical thought history, the historian considered the “craft of the historian” evolution through the prism of the concept “historiographic revolution”, basic categories of historiography and invested a social dimension of the historical scholarship with the key value.

Keywords: methodology of history, theory of history, categories of historical knowledge, Tomsk historiographic school, modern Western historiography, alternativeness, social function of history.

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