Review on: Nikolay Zakharov & Ian Law, Post-Soviet Racisms. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, xi + 250pp.

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Abstract. The review gives an analysis of the work of Nikolay Zakharov and Ian Low on the problem of racism in the post-Soviet space. The book is an attempt to present the issues of politics and practice of racism from a conceptually different, but in general, constructivist position. The authors of the collective volume refuse to demonstrate racism as a universal characteristic of social relations in the West and East, in Europe and the post-Soviet republics. Racism is used in the plural, emphasizing the uniqueness of this practice for different historical and political contexts of its existence. The race is not just a marker of the group for symbolic boundaries between "them" and "us," but also a shared belief in their existence and content. In this regard, racial discrimination refers to the process of building and cultivating a belief about physical and social boundaries. The authors of the volume critically assess 14 cases of former Soviet republics in which racism is viewed as an interactive, relational process of poly-racism in various historical and socio-cultural contexts. The book by N. Zakharov and I. Low is interesting to offers a fresh and original perspective on familiar social phenomena and institutional practices.

Keywords: racism, post-Soviet space, political context, discrimination, USSR.

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