Don Antiquities Collector Mikhail Borisovich Krasnyansky: Everyday Life in Rostov at the Turning Point of the Epochs

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Abstract. The article is devoted to the biography of the Don River Region local historian M.B. Krasnyansky, who made a great contribution to the development of museum practice in Rostov-on-Don and the Local History Society of History, Antiquities and Nature activity and the experience of searching and accurate describing of archaeological sites discovered in the context of the natural environment. Krasnyansky’s life activity took place on various stages in the development of regional studies on the Don River Region – the heyday and the turning periods associated with the turbulent events of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars. M.B. Krasnyansky was an active participant duting the numerous stages of reformation of local history societies in the 1920–1930s. A professional field researcher, he spent several decades conducting numerous archaeological explorations on the territory of the Lower Don. A number of researcher's works are devoted to the history and archeology of the city of Rostov-on-Don. Biography of M.B. Krasnyansky based on currently available, recently closed archival materials is a source for studying of largely unknown aspects of the history of the region, in the trend of modern movements from historical biography to biographical history.

Keywords: archaeological sites, archival materials, regional studies on the Don River Region.

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