Public History: Between Science and Memory

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Abstract. The discussion is devoted to the role played by the professional historian in the modern world and to those factors that determine his moral position and the choice of research tools of the past. The discussion questions provided an opportunity to draw attention to various aspects of this issue and identified a wide range of responses. They can be divided into several thematic sections: the moral responsibility of the historian; various methods of popularizing cultural heritage objects through modern museum information technologies; use of museum space in the educational process. Materials of domestic authors pay attention to moral issues in professional activities and the need to comply with them in contact with a mass audience. Answers to the discussion questions of authors from far abroad countries (Dong-A University, Republic of Korea) and (Fayum University, Arab Republic of Egypt) show the possibilities of using interactive technologies in modern museum activities. The issues of using the methods of museum pedagogy as a specific information resource open to all age and social groups are considered separately.

Keywords: museum, archeology, museology, cultural heritage, education, ethical standards.

Discussion questions:
1. How can historians combine the professional production of historical memory and the focus on mass audience?
2. To what extent is politics a factor of historical writings today? Can this effect be reduced?
3. How does the “custodians of antiquities” (museum specialists, antiquarians, archaeologists and academicians) choose the subject of a research? What is a priority for a research – public interest and its relevance, accessibility of sources or personal academic interest?
4. Should the "custodian of antiquities" have moral authority? Is (s)he guided by special moral principles in his/her work?
5. Should a modern museum primarily be a repository of antiquities, focused on preserving and exploring the past, or should it fulfill mainly an educational function?

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