Round Table “Civilization and Barbarism: Traps, Ambushes and Abysses of Latent Barbarism” (Moscow, October 7, 2019)

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Abstract. On October 7, 2019, the Institute of World history of the Russian Academy of Sciences hosted the all-Russian Round table "Civilization and barbarism: traps, ambushes and abysses of latent barbarism". The annual round table, which has already become a tradition, this time was devoted to the topic of latent barbarism and its interaction with civilization. The mass of research accumulated by historians allows us to put the problem of the barbarian's latency in the logic of contradictions and paradoxes of the barbarization of civilizations. The obvious advantage of the Round table is the opportunity to discuss the problem in the space of an interdisciplinary dialogue — not only within the framework of historical science, but also philosophy, cultural studies and anthropology. The Round table discussed issues such as the special "language" and symbols of latent barbarism, how the forms of hidden barbarism have changed in socio-political, ethnic, religious and international conflicts, as well as what traps the historical and modern “new latent barbarism” entraps a person. The Round table was attended by more than 30 researchers from different cities of Russia. As a result of the round table, it was decided to publish the most interesting reports in the form of articles in the next, IX issue of the collection papers “Civilization and barbarism”.

Keywords: civilization, barbarism, latent barbarism, round table, history of the Ancient World, history of the Middle Ages.

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