D.V. Tsvetaev’s Letters to G.G. Pisarevsky

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Abstract. Тhe letters of the historian, professor of the Imperial Warsaw University D.V. Tsvetaev to his student, later also a famous historian, professor of the Imperial University of Warsaw G.G. Pisarevsky are published for the first time. The considered epistolary heritage covers the period from 1893 to 1913. The publication of D.V. Tsvetaev’s letters is carried out according to the originals stored in file 227 of the Manuscript Department of the Russian State Library. The relevance of the publication is dictated by the need to reconstruct the biographies of historians of the turn of the 19th–20th centuries, whose scientific heritage has long remained outside the field of view of Russian historiography. D.V. Tsvetaev’s letters to a large extent reveal the personal and professional relations of two historians, allow tracing the formation of G.G. Pisarevsky as a scientist, convey the attentive attitude of D.V. Tsvetaev to a young colleague, which manifested itself in assistance with employment, advice and consultations on working in archives, choosing a dissertation topic, preparing for a candidate and master’s examinations, etc. The letters also confirm the archival work of G.G. Pisarevsky, aimed at finding the necessary materials for scientific research by D.V. Tsvetaev. The long-term correspondence of two historians, who stood at the origins of the study of the problems of German colonization in Russia, characterizes the personalities of the authors and contains rich information about the life of the Russian scientific intelligentsia of the late 19th–early 20th centuries.

Keywords: Dmitry Vladimirovich Tsvetaev, Grigory Grigorievich Pisarevsky, letter, professor, historian, archive, publications, Imperial University of Warsaw.

For Citation: Kazarova N.A., Lobova V.V D.V. Tsvetaev’s Letters to G.G. Pisarevsky, in Novoe Proshloe / The New Past. 2021 No 2. Pp. 214-232. DOI: 10.18522/2500-3224-2021-2-214-232.

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