Politics of History and National Mythology: “Post-Truth” and Science at the “Sovereign Service”

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Abstract. The article examines some general tendencies of the memory politics and “politics of history” in contemporary Russia and Poland. Despite of large number of researches on pseudo-deideologization and revision of previous national and European historical descriptions, as well as discussions on definition of the concept “politics of history”, there is no consensus about the historian’s position, about his involvement and engagement into the process of creating new versions of history. The relationship between the science school, methodology and the national historical discourse is not obvious either. The author comes to the conclusion that the idea of a consistent line of state-national history is archaic, is using moral categories, and depends on community integration in times of crisis and social stratification. However, the image of “united national body” it is not the one possible consequence of the combination of the culture of memory and the new image of the past.

Keywords: Memory Politics, Politics of History, Russia, Poland, Image of History.

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