National with International Participation Scientific Conference “Great Standing on the Ugra and the Formation of the Russian Centralized State: Local and Global Contexts” (Kaluga, 30 March – 1 April, 2017)

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Abstract. The Conference was dedicated to the standing on the Ugra in 1480, when the power of the Horde over the Russian lands eliminated. Presentations at the conference demonstrated the topical issues of the event and other phenomena of the Russian history in the late Middle Ages, related to the events on the Ugra. Issues of international significance of the events were addressed, as well as ideological preparation and organization of the army, perception of Russia under Ivan III in Europe. Speakers stressed that the most important result of standing on the Ugra was also the unification of the Russian lands. The conference participants supported the idea of establishing  11 November as a memorable day, as soon the standing on the Ugra was finished.

Keywords: standing on the Ugra, unification of the Russian lands, the overthrow of the power of the Horde over the Russian lands, Ivan III.

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