Review on: Shelokhaev V.V. On Different Topics. M.: Politicheskaia Entciklopedia, 2016. 711 p.

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Abstract. The review is devoted to the analysis of the collection of articles “On different topics” by Doctor of Science in History, Professor Valentin V. Shelokhaev. The presented edition includes previously published scientific articles of the author, as well as the “Diary of a Historian”, which continues the separate edition published in 2013. The material, published for the first time, reflects events from 2012 to 2015. The articles included in the collection are definitely conceptual, and the publication itself is the focus of key issues and ideas, over which the author has worked for the past twenty years. These include the problems of the development of Russian historical science in the late XX – early XXI centuries, the history of Russian modernization, political parties, the fate of some figures of the liberal movement of the early twentieth century, issues of the relationship between government and society in Russia.

Keywords: V.V. Shelokhaev, modernization, Russian liberalism, social thought, historiography.

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